With so many references to moving to the office, I guess a post about the bathroom remodeling project was imminent. So some background.. Generally single family homes come with huge master bath with all the works.. Our house came with a 6’x3′ tiny bathroom with atleast a 4’x1.5′ no-man’s land. It was a tiny space between the exterior wall & a bad shower stall with a door that wouldn’t close. With no ventilation & a non-functional master bath, we knew that this was going to be our first project. Since this was completely beyond our expertise, we decided to get a contractor to have a look at it. So within a week, with the estimate in hand, we decided to take the plunge & starve for 5 months (kidding ;)) and started the tiles etc w/ the designer, signing, arguing about a tile or a pattern with L, falling in love with stuff I knew we couldn’t afford (cmon, $159 for a Restoration Hardware wall sconce ?) and obviously learning a lot along the way (now I know for sure that even though we love clean lines, modern isn’t really out style).

So finally now with 2 weeks into the project, and 3 more weeks to go, what do we have?

  • A new bedroom 😀 We sleep in the smaller bedroom now. (Flipside of using a room that you didn’t venture into before? you start noticing stuff that needs to be fixed.. sigh..)
  • Too many tools & pipes & stuff that I’ve never seen..
  • Shopping lists
  • A huge master bath in the works. Even though the walls aren’t up & they still have to put in the stucco since they are waiting for the inspection to pass for the window that was moved

What do we don’t have anymore?

  • No master bedroom 😛
  • Cash 😀
  • Mess.. surprisingly the people who do all the work are super careful about not making a mess. I have heard horror stories about mud being tracked all around the house. I guess we are lucky that way. They even put out the trash on the street yesterday when we forgot that it was trash pickup day.
  • The yucky brown powder sort of thing that passed as insulation in the attic. No wonder it was freezing in the winter..
  • The marble vanity with green flecks (yayy!)

The pics of the ongoing renovation: (Note: sorry for the bad picture quality..)

Update: Removed the pics!