We’ve moved to a new home!! To http://www.1825steps.com/  to be exact… From the comfortable cushy wordpress.com hosted blog to a self hosted blog.. I can’t help it but compare the situation to finally buying your own house and moving from the beloved rental. The rental that came with the maintenance guy as part of your lease.. everytime something broke, you called “the guy”. Now in this house, you are “the guy”. You fix the leaking faucet, the clogged drain, mow the lawn. But at the end of all that you stand there, albeit covered in grime & sweat, and look proudly at the final product, proud at the fact that you are the one responsible for all of this. And let me tell you this is the same feeling Z & I have right now. We designed, developed this baby. Over the next few days, things will break. You’ll see ridiculous things (a designer I am NOT!) or won’t see anything on the blog (a certainty in life – code that breaks). But fret not, ‘coz things will be back up and running pretty soon.

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