I am not blogging every week 😦

I should be! And I’m going to 🙂

What have I been upto?

I got a new haircut.. Colored my hair.. from black.. to violet.. Whoaa.. says everyone around me.. But I don’t feel that I’ve made a radical change. Well, some background. I’ve always had a particular haircut (a blunt cut throughout school/college/school). Only sorta radical change that I made was to straighten it a few years back. But I never colored it. So this time when I was frustrated with my look, I found myself making a call to a random salon I found on yelp and making an appointment. I reached there an hour before my scheduled time. Luckily they accepted walk-ins. When the stylist asked me what I wanted, I said ‘Do whatever you think would look good’. Luckily for me she had a great taste. She used the violet color (which doesn’t really stand up when used on black hair, but once light hits it, you can see that I wasn’t lying :P) Mind you my stylist had 3 colors in her shoulder length hair (blonde, purple & black).. When I stepped out, I realised that I always liked color. I just never colored my hair ‘coz it just took more effort/time that I wanted to invest.

Everyone, at work, at home was shocked when they saw me. Apparently I was always radical inside but lacked the outward expression for that. Maybe quite a few of us are like that. We, knowingly or unknowingly, bottle up the real us. I don’t know why. But when we let ourselves loose, we don’t feel an overwhelming sense of freedom. It feels normal. ‘Coz inside we know it’s the real us. We’ve always seen this, the others haven’t. It’s a change for them. So did I really go punk? Or was I always punk but never revealed the hidden layers to the outside world?

Whatever the case, I love it.. I love this me..

Cheers \m/