I started blogging regularly end of last year. With the Blog-A-Week challenge, I thought I would stick to the routine. But with the remodeling project, work and other things, the blog was relegated to things-we-never-get-around-to list. We started concentrating on the house again. So now that the renovating is almost close to the finish line, its back to blogging. What have we been upto in the meantime..


Tandoori chicken w/ mint chutney & charred veggies

Zulu trying his hand at Mediterranean food


Our take on sunnyside up

Andd… *drumroll* I tried my hand at Julia Child’s recipes!! And as expected, they turned out amazing!! (Credit to the recipe and clear instructions, than the cook aka me).. Buts that’s another post..

And house-stuff:

  • We now have a backyard!! Well, we always did but now its nicer.. We have grass! And  we cut down the huge mulberry and yucca trees.. So my wish of sitting in the backyard in the sun with a book in hand has finally come true.. 😀
  • Running across 3 different rooms every morning meant we had time to pay attention to how we can fix those rooms.. So look forward to more house posts..

But the main thing that has kept me away is whether I should get off wordpress and start hosting my own website. Have more control over the content and the look and feel of the blog.. So maybe my next post just might be the first post on my new blog.. Till then…