This Saturday the ever-trusty postman delivered the next movie on my Netflix queue, Dan in Real Life. I hadn’t seen or heard about the movie before I put it in my queue. Infact I don’t remember what, besides Steve Carell’s presence, appealed to me. But here it was and we popped it into the player while having a late dinner on Saturday. I started having second thoughts when I realized that how the 2 guys, L & my cousin, would take this senti movie. But within the first few minutes I wasn’t even thinking about all this. Without giving away too much, its a movie about how we can easily lose ourselves in our everyday lives & how that one person can walk into your life and change the whole course, make you feel alive..

It definitely resonated with me. Here you are, drifting through each day without feeling or a mass of them, without a definite course. And then one day someone just comes along.. A stranger who within the first conversation seems as if he understands the words you left unsaid. Who can make sense of your confusion, even if you cannot. He steers you away from all the mess you’ve made onto a course you didn’t even know you were meant to be on. He gently prods and pushes you to put all your fears & doubts into perspective and stands waiting in wings incase you need help conquering those fears. He gives you the confidence that you can be your best self, something that you’d forgotten along the way. And then one day, when the big question is popped as a surprise with that friend kneeling in front of you, you question yourself (while reeling from the shock of the suddenness of it), what more do you want from someone you would like to spend your life with? All those childish and romance novels induced ideas of Tall, Dark & Handsome fly out of the window. And like the proverbial bulb switching on, you finally realize that this is it. This is what you want .. this is what you’ve unknowingly waited all your life for. This unquestioning trust, the unwavering support of someone who will be there to share the good & the bad parts.. Someone who appreciates the same things as you do & will laugh away all your quirks. Somehow with this person, your flaws seem to shine too & actually add to the allure.

I don’t know if this is exactly what the movie set out to convey, but it did bring back some fond memories. Do give it a try.